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Computer Repair In Your Home Or Office

Computer repair, MAC repair, gaming PC diagnostic, and all computer repairs can be provided in the comfort of your home. Laptop screen repair including MAC screen repairs, PC maintenance, and computer support and help desk service perfect for technology enabled individuals provided by our friendly tech support staff. We take on complex technology and computer support and configuration projects. Viruses removal, assistance with programs, hardware diagnostic and PC repair provided by a qualified technician that makes house calls. We are rated A+ by the better business bureau, and we are celebrating our 30th year in business. Give us a call an allow us to make a house call to get your computer working.

What To Expect From Our Home Tech Support

A technician will answer the phone LIVE.
When you call, whether it is late at night, the weekend, or whenever your call will be answered by a technical support professional ready to help. We can dispatch a technician most times within 90 minutes.

We are able to act immediately.
We are equipped with staff and a full stock of inventory to handle emergencies out-side of normal business hours.

Expect a seasoned well dressed professional.
Our professionals are dressed well, well seasoned and come with a plan. We are responsive, professional, and arrive at your location ready to assist.

Our follow up is strong.
We don't want to see you have to same problem over and over again, thats why we focus on resolving the root cause of your tech support issue, and provide follow-ups to insure your computer is working the way you want it to.

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Technician Spotlight

Technology repairs and consulting often require us to be at location. We are frequently asked to integrate field technology and processes. Scott in on location helping a local contractor.

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