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Laptop Screen Repair

We get laptop screen repairs in here every day. Why do they make screens so easy to break? Most times, replacing a screen is a rather simple job. Fist we inspect the computer, and price out the replacement screen for you.

The delicate nature of laptop screen replacement requires a steady hand, and patience. Laptop screen replacements often involve the removal of 30 or more screws, each their own size, and torque. Some screens are glued in, and other have less than one millimeter of tolerance. Certain technicians are better than others with this procedure that usually takes years to master.

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Technician Spotlight

Having years of experience allows a technician to hit pretty close to the center of the dartboard when it comes to tracking down a problem, but equally important is customer interaction, and understanding the customers needs. Al here is a great listener, and an expert residential technician because of his ability to provide thoughtful tech support.

Let's Fix Your Laptop Screen